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Catch the secret - of the new age
Lyrics by Michael Weisser

A whispering voice is
a digital choice
decoded by now
there is no other sound
but vibrations all around
taste the chip of the gene but how

today as tomorrow
take a light and no sorrow
always changing the time
electrons drifting by
here is nothing to deny
but the taste of a line

in the linear light of the laser
dreams a moon-beam to the phaser
has a ruby in the eye
all the leaves grow blue and red
several voices go ahead
face the future in the sky

there is a breeze as sweet as loam
when a cool-blooded foam
dreams a figment of the mind
on a level with desire
glides in front of icy fire
stamps the future to the kind

like a dancing flame on a flimsy line
life is not even now to define
as a full stop grown stiff to a point
silent soft sun adds a part to the shadow
giving time to take care of her meadow
lilac last beauty will cover the joint

the appearing day will burst under a lie-crack
for instance the beauty of high-tech
will honey the pain with it’s love
Indigo fruit melt to infrasonic voice
nuclear energy sweat out a choice
while the pulse is caught with a glove

some of the octaves of chaos and order
wash ashore frames of life to the boarder
set up the endless beginning of breath
all the clouds are floating by
sipping blood and asking why
do they always kiss the lips of death...